Sunday, December 5, 2010

Farewell at Star Travel


26Nov 10,Friday.-this date agak choiii pada mula nya..pelbagai dugaan datang..especially from 1 agent. becoz of the agent aku cuak babe!! but..forget about tht dumb agent..back to the actual story..BEGIN!
Actually, i wasn't expect for the farewell for me. So, agak cam tak percaya + 'OMG- i dont believe it'! Agak i appreciated it!

Never expect ader farewell.(sapa la aku di sana) wah!statement.
The farewell is actually for me and Adnan (dier ni lagi wat kejutan..jumaat 26/11/2010 br tau dier last week-sungguh tetibe!)

tp i was sgt terkejut (ada gak wat2 terkejut -itu pon lepas nmpk kotak kek yg Faizal (office boy) bwk..then Wanie siap msg2 dgn i-'pqa pnye kek la tuh'...and i deny it) =P
propa sikit disitu~(>_<)""

Anyway, i appreciated the farewell..(mmg x pnaa org beli kan sy kek wat suprise cam tuh) -so agak sonok!!(^___^)

Thank You Boss,Madam,management & All MS Star Travel staff (termsk yg kat takde that day,Mines & Sapura) for everything and the cooperation given to me and I'm sorry for everything that I've done. Eventho ader rs sedeh(emosi kaedahnyer T_T)...then..this is my FIRST REAL JOB!!..pastu.. mula nk rapat dgn all of them...but i guess mmg stakat ni je i bersama u all..but..tak hape!FB ader~ Keep in Touch!

The cake from MS STAR + the THANK YOU card is from ME
to the management & staff

Bestie: meen with me

Vina & me

Top pic: Adnan & Me
Bottom : Uncle Ram, Pravin, me, Siti, Wanie, Myra & Mdm.Harjeet

The cameraman-Selva.Credit to him!
Thank You for the pictures from ur BB , Selva!

end.Pica April 2010-Nov 2010

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